What Makes We Got Game Stand Out

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About We Got Game
We are a unique online or esports gaming company in Mississauga, ON, and have been in business for about twelve years now. We offer esports gaming events and tournaments for corporate team building, campus tournaments, parties, and festivals.

We originally started our business to host birthday parties on weekends. However, once our business picked up, we decided to host events fulltime across Ontario. In the last few years, we have successfully provided gaming events for several colleges and universities, corporate clients, municipalities, and more.

Currently, our business is in a stable position as we managed to make the most of online trends. Transitioning to the world of online gaming was easy for us as we were already preparing to extend our services to include online gaming events. Today, online gaming is our primary focus, as many individuals of all ages enjoy the thrill of esports.

The We Got Game Difference
As a unique online gaming event firm, we love dealing with new technology and learning new things. Exploring new technology is exciting and keeps us on our toes to deliver quality service. At the same time, our clients also love that we experiment with new technology as it allows them the opportunity to try out new games and equipment.

Similarly, as we have a reputation of going above and beyond our customers’ expectations, which is why most of our bookings are from repeat clients. We have hosted events for some of the biggest clients in the world, including Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and Honda.

Our success with College and University clients has gotten us nominated for Outstanding Service by an Associate by the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities in the 2019-20 academic year. The recognition we’ve received has encouraged us to dream bigger and push ourselves further.

In the future, we aim to expand our services into different markets. But at present, we plan to focus our existing strategy as a mobile entertainment company that hosts events for all age groups. We cater to a range of requirements, from children’s holiday events to adult corporate events. We have a variety of games that are easy and suitable for anyone, which makes us a perfect fit for several occasions.

Apart from our online games, we believe that our employees and staff have also played an equally important roll in our success. Their personality is our biggest asset as it adds to our clients’ experience.

To keep our staff happy and motivated, we offer them several benefits like free games or online perks for long term contract employees. We also provide them with direct and indirect support and host several social events to help them unwind. We especially love hosting team building events and corporate picnics. Currently, we offer team-building gaming events online, but we plan to expand on this soon.

Besides catering to our clients’ and employees’ needs, we also look out for the best interest of our community. We were recently scheduled to be a part of a charity event to support a hospital. Unfortunately, it was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Until we can pick up where we left off, we plan to figure out alternative routes to give back to the community.

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